BMW R75 abandoned

This will be my new winter build.
BMW R75 from ESCI in 1/9 scale.
Instead of the Wehrmacht version i will build the bike as abandoned civilian version.
Colour black with striping.
It will display lots of rust, grime, missing parts, and dents.
Stay tuned for more.

Kfz 13 Adler 1/72 FTF

Painting started:

While i had the light colour on i added the rivets in few places. It was easier at this stage instead of after the primer. Light colour made the dark rivets stand out.


U-552 back on the bench!

After almost 3 years of being abandoned on top of the wardrobe it is back on the bench now.
My first big, and safe to say longest running, and most complex project was screaming at me to be completed.
So it is time.

Wireing done, need to weather the lines still.
Then i can have some more fun with oils, and pigments. Deffo need to lighten and saltt below the waterline, and run some rust above the waterline.

Weathering of waterline stage 1. Fading the paint.

Paint fading stage 2:

Weathering stage 3:

Weathering stage 4- waterline, and rusty streaking:

Weathering stage 5- exhaust stains, and more rust:

Weathering stage 6- chipping: